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Radio Delta 94.4 FM BandungRadio Kisi 93.4 FM BogorRadio Sheba 87.8 FM BogorRadio Win FM 95.7 BogorRadio Martha 101.3 FM TasikmalayaRadio Galuh 89.5 FM TasikmalayaRadio Pitaloka 88.3 FM CiamisRadio MG 103.3 FM CiamisNuansa Radio 104.2 FM CirebonRadio Actari 96.6 FM CiamisRadio GSP 101.1 FM JambiRadio EB 102.7 FM JambiRadio Gibel FM 99.7 JambiRadio Idola 102 FM JambiRadio Cantika FM JambiRadio Manggis FM JambiRadio Gema Bungo 104.5 FM JambiRadio Metro 101.9 FM Jambi

Radio Heartline 91.7 FM LampungRadio Kartika 103.9 FM MetroRadio SSB 92.1 FM MetroRadio Joss FM Bandar LampungDarmajaya Radio LampungRadio MQFM 102.7 FM Bandar LampungGlobal Radio 88.4 FM JakartaBens Radio 106.2 FM JakartaSindo Radio 104.6 FM JakartaRadio 95.1 KIS FM JakartaC Radio 648 AM and 107.7 FM JakartaV Radio 106.6 FM JakartaRadio Camajaya 102.6 FM JakarataRadio DFM 103.4 JakartaRadio Elgangga 100.3 FM JakartaRadio Jak 101 FM JakartaWoman Radio 94.3 FM JakartaFemale Radio 97.9 FM Jakarta