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The ship was abandoned a long time ago, you play as a ghost who was trapped inside. Try find all the hidden objects and solve the puzzles to escape. Good Luck and have fun.rn
You are a special agent who is trapped in some secret enemy base. Activate the door and get out of there!
You need to find the key in the nearest area to unlock the gate, so you can leave the street and go back home.
Zombies have taken over the city and you are the last survivor in the town. Complete challenge puzzles, find the key, and escape your way without getting eaten! Good Luck and Have [...]
The starting of this game is to escape from the asylum murder house. You are trapped alone, solve the mystery with the objects and escape from there. Good Luck and Have Fun!
You are in a real trouble! Some alien is haunting you and you need to open the teleporter and leave this alien base.
Can you find a way to unlock the garden door so you can leave this big city street and go back home?
You are trapped in the Japanese house. Can you figure out how to open the door and escape?
The evil sheriff locked some poor and innocent Mexican farmer in the cage. Can you rescue him?
Sheriff comes to town and the gallows are ready for you. Find the money and prove that you are innocent!