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Our village is under attack! Gather your things and head for the hills.
You are invited to the circus! We have some special prizes for you, see if you can find them.
Are you looking forward to celebrating Easter? Then make sure you don’t invite the Easter bunny in a super messy house, get to work and get the bedroom and living room spotle [...]
I left some important things in my estate. Can you find these things?
You discovered an ancient temple. This temple is full of ancient priceless artifacts.
You are invited to the closing ceremony of the old antique shop. Spot the valuables and real treasures.
How would you like to be one of spring’s messengers, all over the globe, this year? Accept the challenge of traveling to 4 different amazing destinations (Tokyo, Amsterdam, H [...]
Some creatures are stealing from the good people of our kingdom. Investigate this!
My dear nephew, I am leaving my villa to you. Take good care of it!
Step again into the secret small world. Take a chance to explore this place through different levels.