Vertigo: Gravity LlamaVertigo is an adventure/arcade platformer about a llama with gravity defying powers and its quest to return home and save its family and friends!n CONTROLS:nArrow/WASD Keys to move and jumpnSpace to Switch (walk on ceiling/ground)nX to use PowerupsnOBJECTIVES:nJump on enemies.nEyeballs connote powerups, collect them to help complete each world.nReach the star to complete each level.nComplete 10 levels in a world to complete the world.nComplete the 8 main worlds to beat the game.nFURTHER PLAY:nBeating the game will allow you to collect trophies, collecting trophies will unlock 2 more worlds.nBeat worlds faster or with fewer uses of the switch (space) in order to get medals, medals unlock hats as well as show that you’ve beaten a world to a better standard.nBeating the game unlocks advanced mode, which allows you to play through the worlds on a harder difficulty.n

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